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Partner with SouqBox and Come Along for the Journey

Many of the potential Souqbox clients we talk to have a successful business already. They trade in many ways but they are used to being a buyer or a seller. Its a bit of a step up in mindset to become the marketplace.

How to Become a SouqBox Partner

These customers will typically have all the industry contacts, knowledge and expertise to make a great success of a marketplace. Perhaps initially they will need to be the main seller on their own site. That isn’t much different from what they do today and the step change comes when they realise they can get former competitors to sell through their platform. They don’t need to have capital tied up in inventory and struggle to have a complete range. More than half of the products on Amazon at the start of 2017 are inventory owned by 3rd parties. That means Amazon can have a huge range without the cost & effort of warehousing this range.

We know its quite a jump from simply running an e-commerce site for inventory owned by a trader.

That’s why partners are so essential to us in being able to recognise the right types of businesses and leveraging their established relationships to handhold the potential client through the assessment process.

Initially, we are looking for B2B trading businesses in any industry where they can see the need for a specialist market, and have the means and motivation to become that market.

Earn 10% Introduction Commission

As a partner you simply need to screen opportunities and make an introduction to us here. We will pick up the lead from there and if the client signs with us we will give you 10% of the 1st year revenue.

Simple and straightforward – we look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you on-board!

How the Fees Work

Our price range is made up of a build cost and a monthly licence fee (that’s a fully managed and hosted PaaS)

Build cost starts at £10k for web-only rising to £20k if native apps are required and then any customised build a client may request beyond that. The monthly licence fee ranges from £2k.

Start Earning From SouqBox 

If a client were to ‘green field’ build this (assuming they knew how to) it would cost well over £100k to build. They would also have monthly costs (to host & maintain) of around £2k so it’s a no-brainer to use our flexible platform and the headache of building and running the site is ours.

As a Partner, you can earn 10% of this revenue in Year 1 for each client that we sign up. If that sounds cool, we would love to hear from you.